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Google Fit: Wieso werden meine Schritte nicht vollständig bzw. garnicht an Google Fit übertragen?

  • The Google Fit app on your smartphone can interfere with data transfer from the fitmefit move app or hLine to Google Fit. This is justified by the fact that the Google Fit app itself counts steps. When the app is active and activity is measured, the data is transferred to Google Fit and the steps of your smartLAB pedometer are not taken into account. For this reason, it is recommended to delete the Google Fit app. However, if you need the Google Fit app for other values, turn off activity detection in the app (see picture). Thus, the problem is fixed and the values of your smartLAB pedometer are again correctly transferred via the fitmefit move or hLine app to your Google Fit Portal.

Android Smartphones: Wieso funktioniert die Datenübertragung nicht, obwohl Bluetooth eingeschalten ist und die Seriennummer des Geräts eingetragen ist?

It is the case with the latest Android versions (usually from Android 6.0) that there seems to be a general problem with Bluetooth Smart communication. In order to enable smooth transmission, the GPS should be switched on in addition to the Bluetooth. In our experience, the data transfer worked perfectly after switching on both functions.

Wie verbindet sich das Gerät mit der APP?

The app can automatically detect the smartLAB devices.  When you turn on the device, you will see the SN of the smartLAB device (the APP must be in the foreground). If you confirm this, the APP takes over this S/N and connects to this device.  Depending on the device, certain values are set on the device. The app displays a message that the device has been set. You can also enter the S/N manually. You can do this from the setup/devices. It is best to do the following:
  • Download the fitmefit move app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Launch the app and set all important profile data
  • When the scan query comes, insert the battery into your smartLAB device, which you want to connect
  • Start the scanning function. Make sure the app is in the foreground
  • The serial number is displayed on the screen. Add the serial number
  • The device is set up by the app with date and time, as well as other profile data
  • You can get started!
Important: If the series number was not accidentally added during the scan, we recommend restarting the app and running the process again. Once the serial number has been rejected, it will no longer be recognized, even if it has been entered manually.

Kann ich die App für mehrere User verwenden? Ich habe doch mehrere Userprofile auf meiner smartLAB Waage.

The app is designed for one user only. The smartLAB scales have several users, but each user has to use his own APP and enter the SN and the user number here. The user number on the app must match the one on the scale. If you select User P1 on the scale, user 1 must be selected on the app.

Welche mobilen Geräte werden von der APP im Zusammenhang mit ANT unterstützt?

The hFon plus, some Sony and Samsung mobile devices and many Android devices associated with an ANTUSB-M adapter supported the ANT transmission, for smartphones starting with Android version 4.3. You can use to read the compatible devices listed under each product.

Einstellungsmenü - Systemeinstellung

Here you can make certain system settings. You can see which settings you can make from the contents of the settings. The car search and the background search are explained in more detail in a separate point.

Einstellungsmenü - Ziele fitmefit scale

Here you can enter your desired goals. These targets appear in the main window as a dashed line. This allows you to keep an eye on your goals.

Was bedeutet in der Systemeinstellung die Autosuche?

When the app works in the foreground, the app automatically receives the data. If this function is turned off, the icons must click on the lower left when transferring data via the smartLAB device in order for data transfer to take place. However, we do not recommend this setting.

Wie kann ich das Piepsen der Waage abstellen?

You can adjust this in the setup menu via system setting. There are 3 different sound settings on the scale. Once the beeping after completion of a measurement, a long beep sounds as soon as the measurement is completed. You can turn this off here. The second beep setting represents successful data transfer. It beeps 3 times when the balance has transferred the weight. With the smartLAB fit W, 5 beeps sound when not only the weight but also the other values such as body fat have been measured and transmitted. The third beep setting represents a transmission error. If the transmission was not successful here, two long beeps sound. If you often use the scale without a mobile phone, we recommend that you turn off this beep. By removing the checkbox, you can turn off the respective setting.

Wie gelange ich auf die Historiengraphik?

You can view the graphic by turning the phone across (please note that the turning function on your phone is turned on). If the phone is in landscape mode, you will be shown the graphic. You can navigate through the values by swiping to the left or right. You can navigate between the different values by clicking on the color (below). Then the symbol of the value appears at the top left. Clicking the icon or swiping down will take you to the entire list view of the data.

Wichtiger Hinweis für Android Nutzer mit Bluetooth Smart Übertragung

With the latest Android versions (usually from Android 6.0) there are connection problems with Bluetooth Smart. There seems to be a general problem with data transfer from Bluetooth Smart to Android, which we have no influence on. It is often the case that data transfer of the smartLAB product to an Android smartphone from 6.0 indicates problems. Turning on the GPS function solves the problem of data transmission. Once you turn on Bluetooth and GPS, from our experience, data transfer works without any problems.

Kann ich Daten meines Gerätes auch mit der APP übertragen?

Yes, you can use your mobile phone for data transfer in connection with the fitmefit APPs. There is currently the fitmefit scale and the fitmefit move app.  The fitmefit scale app can work with the smartLAB scales. The fitmefit move app can also read the data of the smartLAB activity trackers/pedometers. In the future, all smartLAB devices will work together via the fitmefit move app. These are devices such as heart rate monitors, jumping ropes and others.

Ich habe einen anderen User auf der smartLAB Waage meinen verwendet und die Waage zeigt trotzdem Ok.

Since a data overlap has taken place here, the scale shows "OK". However, because the correct user number was not dialed, no data is transferred to your profile. In this case, you can repeat the weighing with the rich user number.

Wenn ich ein Gerät wechseln möchte, wie kann ich es in die APP eintragen?

To enter a new device instead of another, you must first remove the old device from the list of devices. You can do this in the Setup/Devices menu. If you have removed the old device, the app can detect the new device or you can enter the S/N manually.

Einstellungsmenü - Systemanbindung

System connections allow you to synchronize your data with other cloud systems. You must log in to the respective system with your login data. Then the app is connected to this system. You can even register directly with via the APP if you do not have a profile yet.

    Einstellungsmenü - Profil

    Here you can enter your profile data. This data is important for performing calculations correctly by the smartLAB devices and the app.

    Einstellungsmenü - Ziele fitmefit move

    Here you can enter your desired goals, which you want to achieve. In the main window, these values appear as a continuous stroke. Please do not confuse these values with the daily goals. Daily goals are your own averages, which you should at least achieve daily. They appear as a dashed line in the main window.

    Einstellungsmenü - Geräte

    In this menu item you can view/edit the device information such as S/N. By "Remove", you can remove saved smartLAB devices. Under Setting, you can adjust device-specific settings. Under Help, you can see specific notes that are important for using smartLAB devices.

    Kann die App Daten von den smartLAB Geräten empfangen, auch wenn mein Empfangsgerät im Standby ist?

    This feature depends on the operating system of the mobile phone. This is not possible with iOS. The app must be in the foreground for the data to be received. On Android, the data is received. However, this has the disadvantage that there is a high current burn era for the mobile phone. You can turn this off in the setup menu/system setting (background search). Then the app receives the data only when the device is turned on.

    Wo stelle ich meine Profilwerte ein?

    You can enter your data in the setup menu via "Profile". It is important that you enter the correct values here, so that the devices are set with the correct values.

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