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Technical questions

Die Datenübertragung hat einmal nicht funktioniert. Was passiert jetzt?

The data transfer of the devices to the gateways sometimes does not work. It may be that the hFon collect is not near or off. Or: The PC is not switched on or the hLine ANT USB adapter is not plugged in. This is no problem with all devices (except the smartLAB® fit+). The data is stored on the devices and transferred at the next measurement. The scale smartLAB® fit+ has no memory, so its values cannot be transferred retrospectively.

Kann ich mehrere Gateways für einen Account einstellen?

Yes, it is definitely possible. You can have a gateway on your PC and one on your mobile device. Both will transfer the data to your account, even if both are in the same room. You don't have to do anything here yourself.

Was ist Bluetooth® Smart/ BLE?

Bluetooth® Smart (BLE stands for Bluetooth® Low Energy) is a wireless wireless technology that enables wireless data transmission, among other things. Bluetooth® Smart sends in the 2.4 GHz range, consuming less power than the traditional Bluetooth ®.

Wie kann ich mein Gateway zu meinem Profil zuordnen?

The mapping of the gateway depends on which gateway you are using:
  • hFon collect/ hFon collect home: If you use the hFon collect or hFon collect home, you must enter it manually in the portal. Go to Profile –> devices and enter the IMEI number in the Serial Number field.
  • PC Gateway: To use the PC Gateway, you need to install it on your PC. After successful installation, a window will appear by having to log in with your fitmefit portal credentials. Once you have successfully logged in, this gateway is automatically mapped to your profile.
  • APP: After you have downloaded and installed the fitmefit APP in the respective reference location, you must log in with your login details of the portal. After successful login, the iGateway, which is integrated into the APP, is assigned to your profile and can now be used for data transmission.

Wo finde ich die aktuelle Gateway - Software?

You can download the latest gateway software for free from the "Getting Started" window, from the website from the home page or under "" ->"Downloads" -> "Software Download" -> "hline Gateway for".

Kann ich ein Gateway für mehrere Accounts verwenden?

Yes, you can. The connection between the user and the device is the serial number of the device and not the gateway.

Was ist ANT?

ANT is a radio network standard. Devices require less than 50 mW of power when receiving or transmitning, i.e. the power requirement is very low. It allows wireless data transfer from your devices to your portal.

Was ist ein Gateway?

A gateway is a program that transmits data between the devices and the server. Without this gateway, the data cannot be transferred. There are several gateways. For Windows operating systems, the gate way must be installed on the PC, for mobile devices the fitmefit move APP can be loaded. The app can be connected to the portal via system connection.

Wie oft werden die Daten übertragen?

Data is transmitted at different times. With the smartLAB® walk+/ walk B/ walk P+ and the smartLAB® move pedometers, the data is transmitted every 10 minutes.There is also the possibility to activate Continous Mode on some devices. When enabled, the device is constantly trying to send data. You can decide for yourself if and when the Continous Mode should be activated. To do this, go to Profile –> devices and select the device you want to customize by clicking the respective serial number. For all other devices (smartLAB® scales ), the transmission takes place immediately after the measurement.

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