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Here you will find general information about the hLine app


How do I get to the overview page / diary?

You can get to the overview page/diary by pressing the Return button.

Why do I have to turn on location determination on Android?

The location determination is relevant for a flawless function of Bluetooth on Android devices and is not used by us or has no relevance for us. Bluetooth can only work properly if the location determination.

Wo werden die Daten gespeichert?

All data is stored only on the mobile device. You have the choice to transfer certain data to other systems. You can enable and control this via the "System Connection" function.

Why is the number of steps different on my pedometer and the app?

The reason is usually that your pedometer's data has not yet been transferred to the app. This is because no data may have been collected in the background. Once you have the app open and in the foreground, wait about a minute at the smartLAB walk B. The steps are transferred completely automatically. With smartLAB move B, tap the device twice to start data transfer.

Why do I see a lot of values on the overview page / in the diary?

You can set in your profile which values you want to see on the overview page, depending on the devices you are using.

Which devices are supported by the hLine app?

Supported smartLAB devices are:

  • smartLAB walk B pedometer
  • smartLAB move B pedometer
  • smartLAB fit W Body Analysis Scale
  • smartLAB scale W personal scale
  • smartLAB global W nG blood glucose meter
  • smartLAB pressure W Blood pressure monitor
  • smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scales

Why don't I see my steps on Google Fit?

If you signed in to Google Fit, you'll receive an email from Google. Confirm that you have made the connection yourself. The steps are transferred to Google Fit with a time delay. The weight is transferred immediately.

Why isn't the app reading the data in the background?

When power saving mode is turned on on your Android device, no data is collected in the background. To turn this feature on or off, turn off power-saving mode. With iOS, this feature is not yet built in.

Which systems can the app connect to?

The app can be connected to the following system:

  • Google Fit (on Android): Steps and weight are transferred.
  • Apple Health Kit (on iOS): Steps, weight, blood sugar and blood pressure are transferred.
  • Garmin Connect: Steps and weight are transferred.
  • hLine-online.com: Steps, weight, blood sugar and blood pressure value are transferred.

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