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Heart rate monitor on the arm

Here you will find all important information about the smartLAB hrm A

smartLAB hrm A heart rate monitor on the arm

My device won't pair with my mobile device via bluetooth.

The new Bluetooth 4.0 does not pair like the usual standard Bluetooth. Read more important information on this topic in our blog

Can the heart rate monitor be paired with Garmin devices? Is the heart rate displayed on the Garmin device?

The smartLAB hrm A works with all Garmin devices that support ANT+ and Bluetooth heart rate devices. Check if your Garmin device supports a heart rate monitor and ANT+ or Bluetooth.

Can this device be coupled with systems such as Elite Real tour, bkool, Tacx Trainer, xplova e5, bryton, sportiva, Trek or other systems with ANT +?

The smartLAB hrm W works with all devices on the market that support ANT+ heart rate devices. Check that your device supports an ANT+ heart rate monitor.

Does the device also calculate calories?

No. This is calculated via the app or the paired device. The device only sends heart rate data.

Why is the smartLAB hrm A not or not correctly displayed in my Bluetooth overview? Why is there no connection?

The smartLAB products are not connected via the Bluetooth settings of the mobile device, but directly via the respective app. If you are using an app that supports the connection of the respective smartLAB product, go to the device connection or device settings of the app and pair the app and smartLAB device via this way. If a connection is not possible, please contact our support team.

An overview of various apps that works with our smartLAB products can be found here.

IMPORTANT: There is a possibility that a request will appear in the app as to whether the device should be paired with the smartphone. Cancel this request because this type of pairing can interfere with the data exchange. If you have agreed to pair, please disconnect the device using the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone!

With which smartphones and tablets or mobile operating systems is the device compatible?

The device is compatible with the following mobile devices:

  • iPhone from iPhone 4s
  • iPad from iPad 2
  • Android from version 4.3 and above
  • Windows Phone

In general, the smartLAB hrm W is compatible with all devices that support either ANT+ and/or min. Bluetooth 4.0.

Which APP for iOS do I have to download so that I can measure and display my heart rate?

You can download any app that supports Bluetooth heart rate devices.  There are several apps on the market, including Runkeeper, Runtastic, Wahoo Fitness and Myfitnesspal. Our fitmefit move app will soon also support the display of heart rate.

The following link lists some apps that are compatible with the smartLAB hrm W: Apps

Can the device be paired with systems such as Apple Watch, Polar, TomTom, Nyon Bosch or other systems with Bluetooth?

The smartLAB hrm W works with the Bluetooth 4.0 standard protocol. Pairing to many devices is possible if these devices support a heart rate monitor with Bluetooth. Please check your device if it supports the Bluetooth 4.0 standard protocol as well as heart rate devices with Bluetooth. 

Can I pair the device with a Bluetooth and ANT + receiver at the same time?

The device simultaneously sends the Bluetooth and ANT signals, so that you can use 2 empers (app on mobile device with Bluetooth and sports watch with ANT+) at the same time.

List of apps that work with the smartLAB hrm A.

The smartLAB hrm A supports Bluetooth and ANT+ data transfer technologies. As soon as a receiver and app supports one of these transmission technologies and supports the reception of heart rate with these technologies, the smartLAB hrm W can be connected to the receiving device.

The following apps are familiar with the smartLAB hrm W (as of Feb 2019)

  • Decathlon Coach Run & Walk
  • Sportractive (Nur Android)
  • Runkeeper
  • Runtastic PRO
  • MyFitness App
  • Strava
  • Elite HRV
  • Map my Run
  • Wahoo Fitness
  • and much more

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