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smartLAB scales with Bluetooth and ANT+

Here you will find all important information about smartLAB scales with Bluetooth and ANT+

smartLAB scales with Bluetooth and ANT+

Garmin Connect connection via the HMM apps (fitmefit move and hLine)

HMM apps such as fitmefit move and hLine have a connection to Garmin Connect so that data such as weight is transferred to Garmin Connect.

If you use the smartLAB fit W, the other data such as fat, muscle content, water content and bone content will also be sent.   

You can log in with your Garmin Connect login data under System connections where apps log in. 

In order for the data import to take place on Garmin Connect and the data to be transferred from the Apps and Garmin Connect, you must agree to the data import in your Garmin Connect account under Settings/Privacy Settings. Then the data transfer is guaranteed.

SHealth app: Can the smartLAB scales be paired with the Samsung SHealth app?

Yes. You can connect the scales directly to the S Health app. Here you have to find a scale with ANT+. If you briefly tap the scale during the APP search, the scale will appear in the app. Please note that only the weight is transferred. The app does not support or accept the other values such as body fat or muscle mass.

Important note for Android users with Bluetooth Smart transmission

With the latest Android versions (usually from Android 6.0) there are connection problems with Bluetooth Smart. There seems to be a general problem with data transfer from Bluetooth Smart to Android, which we have no influence on.

It is often the case that data transfer of the smartLAB product to an Android smartphone from 6.0 indicates problems.

Turning on the GPS function solves the problem of data transmission. Once you turn on Bluetooth and GPS, from our experience, data transfer works without any problems.

How can I connect my smartLAB scale to the Samsung S Health app?

The measured values can be transferred to the Samsung S Health app via the smartLAB scales. Please follow the PDF instructions available here.

I have had the smartLAB scale for a few days and cannot transfer it to my iPhone.

There was an error in the software of the scales. Your scale may still have an older software version. Please check which number (below the S/N) on the scale has been handwritten. If the number is 9 or smaller, your scale needs a software update.  Please contact our support for a fast and smooth handling.

I would like to delete the data saved on my scale. How can I do that?

With the fitmefit move app you can delete the data of your scale. To do this, go to Devices and select the Trash icon next to the desired product. You must confirm the entry. After that, all data on your scale will be deleted.

Can the smartLAB scales work together with Garmin sports watches such as 920XT, 630, Vivoactive, Vivismart or fenix 3?

Yes, but only to a limited extent. The smartLAB scales have anANT+ transmission technology, which is also supported by Garmin. Some of the Garmin sports watches without Connect IQ can read the values of the scales. With Connect IQ, Garmin has prevented this transmission to this day. There is an APP on Connect IQ that we set up that reads the values but cannot save them and cannot send them to Garmin Connect. In this case, we recommend using the fitmefit scale app to read the values from the scale and send them to Garmin Connect.

Do I always have to have my cell phone close by when I weigh myself to transfer the data?

No you don't have to. The scale has an internal memory. If you weigh yourself without a mobile phone, an "ERR" appears on the scale, but the data is still stored. The next time you weigh yourself and your phone is nearby, all stored data will be transferred.

smartLAB fit scales: Is it possible to change the language of the smartLAB® fit scales?

There is no language in this sense, only abbreviations. For this reason, no language change is necessary here.

smartLAB fit scales: How can I change the unit on the smartLAB® fit scales?

On the bottom of the scale is a button (labeled kg/lb). This allows the unit to be changed.

Why does the smartLAB fit W scale not display my profile data correctly or overwrite them, even though I have entered the data manually?

If you are using one of the fitmefit app's and have connected these APPs to your profile, the APP will take over the settings in your profile and pass this data on to the scale. Please check your entries in your profile in case of incorrect and incorrect information and change them if necessary.

Which apps do the smartLAB scales work with?

The smartLAB scales can be used with either the fitmefit move app or hLine app. With these two apps, values can be read over the scales and stored locally.

In addition, the values can be sent to other cloud services. This applies to the Portal, Garmin Connect, Google Fit. In addition, there is the connection of the Apple Health Kit as well as the S Health app from Samsung. Important: Most apps, including Connect IQ, Garmin Connect, and S Health App, only support weight display.

In addition to the HMM app, the balance can also be directly connected via the Samsung SHealth app.

The fitmefit move app as well as the hLine app are available for Android and iOS.

Here's an overview of different apps that support the scales:

SHealth App: Why is the data transferred to the SHealth App only sometimes or not at all?

The scan function of the SHealth app for receiving weight data is quite short. If no data is received within the scan time, the scan process turns off and reports that no scale is nearby.
For this reason, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Stand up to your smartLAB waaage and start the weighing process.
  • Take your smartphone to hand and select weight from the main menu. Now the app starts scanning
  • Parallel to setting the app, weigh yourself. Once the weighing process is complete, the data is sent to your smartphone and received by the SHealth app.

It is important that all settings and pairing with the app were successful before. More information can be found here.

How can I send my scale values to Garmin Connect using my Garmin device?

Before first use:

– Connect your Garmin device to the Garmin Connect app (if you haven't already done so). Download the smartLAB scale app for your Garmin Fitness Tracker via Connect IQ.

– Connect the fitmefit move app to your Garmin Connect via system connections by entering your user data. In order for the data to be transferred to Garmin Connect, you must call for the consent to the data upload (under Edit) in your Garmin Connect account under Settings/Privacy Settings. THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT.  

Carrying out a measurement and transmission:

– Launch the smartLAB scale app on your Garmin Fitness Tracker and perform a measurement with your smartLAB scale. The data is stored on your Garmin watch or fitness tracker and can also be transferred at a later time

– To transfer the measured data to your mobile device, first launch the fitmefit move app/fitmefit scale app, then the smartLAB scale app. Data transfer takes place automatically as soon as both apps have been started.

– After the fitmefit app has received the data, it will be automatically forwarded to your Garmin Connect

If you first started the smartLAB scale app on your Garmin device (before the fitmefit app), you can start syncing manually using the menu navigation on your Garmin device.

Why is the smartLAB device not or not correctly displayed in my Bluetooth overview? Why is there no connection?

The smartLAB products are not connected via the Bluetooth settings of the mobile device, but directly via the respective app. If you are using an app that supports the connection of the respective smartLAB product, go to the device connection or device settings of the app and pair the app and smartLAB device via this way. If a connection is not possible, please contact our support team.

An overview of various apps that works with our smartLAB products can be found here.

I have had the smartLAB scale for a few weeks and have already had to replace the batteries twice. What could be the reason for this increased energy consumption?

There was an error in the software of the scales. Your scale may still have an older software version. Please check which number (below the S/N) on the scale has been handwritten. If the number is 12 or less, your scale needs a software update.  Please contact our support for a fast and smooth handling. The new software has been used to fix the high battery consumption.

Can I also send the values from the scale to Garmin Connect via my Garmin device?

Yes, data transfer (weight only) is possible to Garmin products with Connect IQ. You can find the smartLAB scale app in the Connect IQ Store. The data transfer of the balance to your Garmin Connect is unfortunately a bit cumbersome, because a direct connection of the balance to Garmin Connect is not supported by Garmin. Below you can find more information.

Can the smartLAB scales be linked directly to other apps (e.g. Polar Flow, Garmin Connect)?

No. Although the scales support the standard Bluetooth protocol, these apps only support scales of their own brand. 

smartLAB fit W: How can I use the function keys on my smartLAB fit / smartLAB fit W scale?

You need to operate the function keys from the side and not from the top of the glass. In the packaging, you will also receive a note on this operation upon delivery.

smartLAB fit scales: What does the beeping mean on the scales?

After the weight or other values have been measured, a long beep sounds. Then you can go down from the scales. The data is then transferred. If the balance is short 3 times, this means that the balance has only transferred the weight.
If the scale is 5 times short, this means that the scale has transferred the weight and the other body values. But if it only beeps for 2 times, then no data transfer has taken place.

smartLAB scale W: Instructions for using the smartLAB scale W balance

Always select the user you selected in your APP. Most of the time, this is P1. You can do this by pressing firmly on the scale. P1 to P8 appear every 1 second. To select the desired user number, briefly tap the scale as soon as it appears. The selected user number starts flashing. Now wait until the "0" display appears. You can now start measuring by weight.

If you see a value other than 0, wait for the scale to show 0. It can happen that when the scale shifts, the scale remembers its own weight and displays it.

The scale remembers your weight with a deviation of +- 3kg. This means that the scale "recognizes" you and automatically sets your user number if you have not set it yourself beforehand.  If several users have the same weight, the scale gives you the choice of which user you want to select. Tap the scale here to select the desired user.

If you use the smartLABscale W scale in conjunction with an HMM APP or system, the following functions are added:1- When
the scale is finished with the measurement, a long sound will sound. This signal means that you can descend from the scale.2- T
he scale now tries to transfer the data.3- If
the data transfer has been successful, the scale gives 3 short tones.4
– If the data transfer has not been successful, the scale gives 2 long tones. This may be because the receiver is not ready or is not in the environment. The values are stored and transferred at the next measurement.5-
The scale tries to synchronize with the receiving device again and again. If there are also stored values here, they are also transferred.
You can turn the sounds on and off in the profile in the app.

How do I connect to the Samsung S Health app?

You need to search for a scale with ANT+ in the S Health app. Once the smartLABfit W is on (you can do that by tapping on the scale) the app will find this scale. You can also use a different scale (with ANT+, e.g. Tanita) and it will still be read. Note: The S Health APP only reads the weight. The other parameters such as body fat cannot read the app. This is due to the app itself.

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